back Contact us We won’t promise miracles. That’s why our first step consists in a free consultation allowing us to tell you how we would analyze your data and what you might show with the results. Please call or e-mail us to make an appointment. We offer support in finding options for funding the professional analysis of your data. statistics counseling for biologists by biologists in German, French, or English. analyses of population studies using state-of-the-art scientific methods. development of statistical methods tailored to your specific data. description of methods used and results found applying scientific standards. support in publishing your research. a favorable cost-benefit ratio due to the efficient work of an experienced team. We abide by the basic principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics COPE .




Our project managers Felix Berchten Stefan Birrer Christoph Bühler Marzio Giamboni Tabea Kipfer Lukas Kohli Nicolas Martinez Matthias Plattner Petra Ramseier Tobias Roth Barbara Schlup Thomas Stalling Adrian Zangger Organisation Our team consists of around 20 employees at two office locations . Our Executive Board is composed of Felix Berchten Nicolas Martinez Matthias Plattner Barbara Schlup Adrian Zangger The majority of Hintermann & Weber AG's share capital is owned by active employees. Great emphasis is placed on ensuring that the share capital is widely distributed among the employees. Our Board of Directors consists of Felix Berchten , Stefan Birrer , Petra Ramseier , Tobias Roth , Adrian Zangger . Contacts for project enquiries Apart from questions regarding the company as such, clients will mainly deal with one of our project managers. As soon as you have made an enquiry, your project will be assigned to a project manager who will then be in charge of everything from submitting a tender to finalizing the job. For your project enquiry, please choose and contact any person from the list on the right or call any of our business addresses.








ISO 9001:2015 Hintermann & Weber has been ISO certified since September 2002. ISO certification means that an independent certification body confirms a company’s procedures to be clearly defined and truly adhered to in everyday business practice. We put particular emphasis on defining our «project management» procedure. It makes sure that our clients’ projects receive the quality attention that was agreed upon, staying within budget and keeping the deadline. About us We are an ISO certified environmental consulting company working for both public authorities and private institutions. Our core competencies include: Create added value Projektunterstützung Ökologische Infrastruktur Kanton Bern Fachplanung der Ökologischen Infrastruktur für den Kanton Luzern Projektunterstützung Ökologische Infrastruktur Kanton Solothurn Establish bases for decision-making Bewertungsschlüssel Landschaft Graubünden Bewertung von Ersatzmassnahmen in schützenswerten Lebensräumen Prevent conflicts between nature and people Ökologische Fachberatung auf dem Waffenplatz Thun Naturschutzdienst Baselland Rangerdienst Landschaftspark Wiese Increase knowledge by research Effekt einer Vornutzung auf die Artengemeinschaft von Flachmooren und Trockenwiesen Erfolgskontrolle Naturwaldreservate im Kanton Aargau Inform and teach Bodenschutz und Umweltbaubegleitung FHNW Shape an environment worth living in Projekt blühende Borde fürs Baselbiet Renaturierungs- und Hochwasserschutzmassnahmen an der Sorne in Delémont Turn ideas into reality Ökologische Massnahmen Stadtmist Solothurn IANB Schwarzhäusern