At the beginning of March, Lukas Haubner joined our environmental construction support team in Reinach. His first nature-related childhood memories are of fireflies at midsummer celebrations, the occasional alpine buck on the terrace, countless cockchafers and fire salamanders on walks through orchards and along tufa spring streams in the Lenningen valley. True to the motto "you protect what you love", he studied "Landscape Planning and Nature Conservation" and "Environmental Protection" in Nürtingen. He then worked briefly at the Schopflocher Alb Nature Conservation Centre and the Stuttgart Regional Council before becoming involved in planning the expansion of the German electricity grid. Most recently, he provided environmental law support for the planning and approval processes of "Gasverbund Mittelland AG". At H&W, he specialises in environmental construction monitoring, environmental impact assessments, nature and landscape planning and ecological compensation measures. To deepen his knowledge of species, he is currently taking a field ornithology course, but is already keen to learn more about other species groups. We are happy to welcome him to our team and wish him exciting projects as well as great bird watching experiences!